Vibro-acoustic signal analysis and processing. Real time is real now!
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UniScope Team provides:
  • sound cards
  • customer audio devices
  • acoustic speakers
  • Analysis
  • vibrarion, sound and ultrasonic signals
  • flexible classification
  • recognition using AI methods
  • Measurements
  • Audio frequency response
  • Vibrations/sound levels
  • Complex Acquisition/Recording
  • Development
  • softwear
  • advanced methodology
  • real time implementation
  • signal processing procedures (adaptive filters, neural networks, wavelets, FFTs etc)
  • General application :
  • diagnostic systems
  • instrumentation and control
  • audio monitoring
  • Industries
  • nuclear power plants (steam generators, pumps, pipes, etc)
  • oil transfer (leak detection)
  • gas compressor stations
  • multimedia , as addition to the mentioned above
  • Featuries
  • early detection of faults at min (as possible by nature!) false alarms
  • wisy pattern forming
  • pattern recognition
  • trends prediction
  • UniScope public software :
    Universal engine with plug-ins
  • fast graphics (DirectX 7 or later required)
  • audio 32 bit processing
  • FFT imbedded
  • recorder with clicks removing in real time
  • recorded wave form and peak control
  • frequency analysers
  • color music and other relax
  • vibro monitoring (NEW!)
  • Ambient Noise Monitor
  • ideal for any security and home safety
  • easy to use
  • highest reliability
  • separable registration to shot WAV files
  • automatic thresholding
  • AI generation of alarm
  • e-mail message sending
  • detection for selected types of noises (option)
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