Vibro-acoustic signal analysis and processing. Real time is real now!
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UniScope universal (plug-ins technology):
Engine and packs
UniScope version 2.0 + 8 plug-ins + signal generator (1.95 Mb) apr 2001 ENGLISH zipped Download
UniScope version 2.1 (321 kb) june 2001 ENGLISH Download
UniScope version 2.1 + 12 plug-ins + signal generator + plugin creator (4 Mb) 2002 ENGLISH zipped Download
UniScope XP_2000. Recording: 16 bit yet :(. Reading 24 bit WAV. Plug-ins INCLUDED. Murch 2004 ENG Download (zipped, 2.7 Mb)
To change engine language, replace UniScope.lrc file. Plugins localization will be available in future versions.
If you cannot find patch for your language, you can create it easily. Please contact authors, you will have got FREE registration for it!

UniScope language patch (RUS) By Andrey Nefedov- Download
UniScope language patch (FRA) By Daniel Deycard

UniScope language patch (Italian) By Alberto - Download

Note: To install plug-in, please, unzip directly a selected file to "\plugins" subfolder which is placed at the UniScope folder. Plug-in's zipped file may contain embedded subfolders, it's normal.
Spectral analyzers
High Resolution Analyzer 98/ME (frequency trace in time or preview of raw signal, 4 style of spectra drawing, dBFS or linear scale, spectra averaging, THD, SNR, IMD, etc)
Compact Compact Spectra Analyzer 98/ME (rainbow colors, fast response)
Compact Smart Spectrogramm 98/ME (up to 4 .. 96 kHz, 256 ..8192 samples, dynamic range 60..120 dB )
Frequency meter 98/ME (highest precision)
Universal Oscillograph 98/ME (trigger record to WAV, RMS in time monitor)
Advanced for 16 bit audio 98/ME (peak to peak in time monitor, clipping detection)
Universal Recording 98/ME (+RMS recording to TXT file)
Compact Recorder 98/ME (Advanced peak monitor, DC, NR, VOR)
Hi-Fi simulations
Unique style 98/ME (4 channel potention)
Color music
Happy New Year 98/ME (opening user's JPG pics)
Preliminary release 98/ME (12 themes)
Advanced signal processing (special order required)
Adaptive filter (left - filtered signal, right - desire)
Neural Network Recognizer (for stationary noises)
Peak monitors
Analogue style 98/ME (adjustable response)
Phase monitors
Stereo Depth Effect Indicator 98/ME (2 modes)
Ambient Noise Monitor :
  • Not available yet as shareware. Please make order by e-mail.
  • Windows 98/Se/Me/2000/XP
  • Automatic level adjusting
  • Sound tests
    Test for UniScope's spectrogram (MP3, 256 kbps, 44.1 kHz, stereo, 180 phase shift) - 80 kb Download
    5 channel + LFE test (AC3, DD5.1) - 2.16 Mb
    Sound-around example (AC3, DD5.1) - 201 kb
    Example of advanced stereo (phase inversion) - Fragment from Linda - 176 kb
    Example of advanced stereo (phase inversion) - Fragment from Klaus Schulz - 487 kb Download
    Test for click removing - Fragment from "Made in Japan" LP (Deep Purple) - 1 Mb
    Test for deep electronic bass - Fragment from Mad Prof - ~2 Mb (Mp3, 256 kbps) Download
    Test for concentrated in center bass and in addition an ultra high bell - Fragment from Mad Prof - ~6 Mb (Mp3, 256 kbps)
    Test for stereo effects in horizontal and vertical directions - Thanks for Muzichenko - 891 kB Mp3 Download
    Test for bass, specific female vocal and highes (simultaneously) - Fragment from Aria - 780 kb Mp3 Download
    Test for pure female vocal - Thanks for - 283 kb Mp3
    Test for specific muscical instrument - Thanks for - 473 kb Mp3
    Test for good sound with great dynamic (nicy recorded and composed music) - Thanks for - 635 kb Mp3
    Test for BD crashes - Thanks for Sound Forge samples - 93 kb Mp3 mono Download
    HDD abnormal noise - IBM head+crash - 434 kb(8 bit WAV) BE CAREFUL! Decrease loudness level!
    HDD abnormal noise - IBM head+stuck+to+platter(phaser+noise) - 434 kb(8 bit WAV) BE CAREFUL! Decrease loudness level!
    HDD abnormal noise - Fujitsu MPG AH noises during last time before (!!!) break
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